The Final Few…

Like the final moments before the end of a marathon, I’m just trying to sprint*. I’m running, I’m keeping my head down and getting on with the job. Yep, I can do that. Yes, that’s fine, I’ll do it. The finish line is in sight and I’m so nearly there. If I can just make it through this placement on a good note, that’ll be a success. Anything potentially annoying, I just smile and move on. I’m so, so close. Just a few days left. I’m just praying I can sail through the last few shifts hassle free.

I’ve been telling myself to ‘grin and bear it’ for the last several weeks, but the penultimate days have been the hardest. Only because I’m yearning to dive into the sweet release of annual leave. I can almost picture it which makes me even more desperate for it to arrive sooner. Like now. Alas, patience is required.

Towards the end of this placement, I’d already decided to cut my losses and just get on with the job. The idea that this rotation would live up to the last one in terms of the relationships I’d built with my team was unrealistic. I’m just happy to survive it all with a fewer scars as possible.

* (At least, that’s what I assume happens.)

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  1. That’s exactly what I do – head down, yes, of course, no problem.

    Start crossing off the days if you haven’t done so already. If it’s a specialty you’re sure you’ll never want to do in the future, even better – this will be the last time you ever do it. If it’s something you’re considering, then I hope you get a job in the location of your choice with a set of welcoming, friendly, approachable people.

    Am I correct that you are currently on your last rotation before annual leave? Just to clarify, how long is annual leave in F1/2?

    I’ve been allocated to NYEC (what can you do lol). I’m currently choosing my jobs and there is a lot I don’t want to do lol – em (no way not even close), icu/anaes, renal, cardio, t+o, anything neuro/rehab. Not too keen on acute but if it’s in a job combo where its the very first job in F1 and everything else is more specialised (eg onco, psych, obgyn etc) then fine.

    I’m deliberately ranking first jobs with the fewest Acute Med, Gen surg, geriatric med etc. If I absolutely have to do one, I want just one and as my very first job (so I can be get it over and done with) or as the last job (so that I know in mind its either (a) the last job before full GMC registration if I was thinking about applying for a stand alone F2 job elsehwere, rare I know OR (b) the last job before specialites I quite like/tolerte well eg Ob/gyn, onco, psych, even though I don’t see myself doing them in the future)

    My FPAS score was shite and I know those with higher scores are deffo gonna preference all the york/hull combos first. We previously received an email from HEE York and Humber about stats regarding matching – More than half of us allocated to NYEC were mid- top scorers (75 ish and above) so I can imagine a number are pissed that they were given NYEC. I’m trying to be realistic; York/hull and hull/hull jobs probs wont be accessible to me, so if I can get a hull/scun (preferable) or hull/grims then I can bear it. Deffo no scarborough tho. Nopey nope nope. I don’t scare of the jobs are york/scar, I’m not doing it. Basically, as long as I can do F1 in Hull first then I’m happy with that.

    But oh well. I was slightly disappointed at first but found myself actually relieved after a day or 2 at the thought of leaving Leeds. I wanted to stay in Leeds because of the city, couldn’t really care less about the hospitals if I’m honest. As long as I can live in the city centre, then I’ll be fine (I think!).York and Hull is alright. I don’t mind Scunthorpe as long as I can commute from Doncaster (seems to be roughly 30-40mins driving but I don’t have a car. Yet), living in the city centre of course lol. Wouldn’t want to live in Scun although I don’t know much about the place. Doncaster has the addition of being on a direct line to London so I can go home if I’m not too tired on those rare, precious days off. Grimsby I’m less keen on but if I can commute from Hull to Grims then its tolerable.

    Sorry for the rant, just needed to write a few things down. I think its the way you write; you’re able to nail the frustrating and awkward things in life.

    EDIT: Well shit, my thoughts are all over the place. Doesn’t flow smoothly.

    That’s what FPAS does to ya.

    1. Again I’m so sorry for this late reply. I will sort out my commenting section!! At that point (when I wrote the post) I was on my second rotation and I had one more to go. (I get 9 days off each 4 month rotation). FPAS is really tricky and a total mind bend. How did it all work out in the end? I don’t know those areas at all! And in terms of jobs, again it’s another mind bend. I got my first choice but now I regret some of my choices. I wish I’d seen this earlier even though I’m not sure I would have been a huge help. You probably know your jobs and rotations already. Let me know what they are!

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