Some Good Things

Some Good Things

Even when I feel down, there is always something to be grateful for. I try to make it a habit to look for the smallest things, just to keep me going and keep me motivated. Here are some examples of a few silver linings that have happened recently:

  1. When another F1 sent me a stinging message on a group WhatsApp, it left me confused. I couldn’t decipher the tone. Was it a question, covered in humour, or was I being told off? I’m not particularly close to this person so it was hard to tell. I replied as diplomatic as I could because I wanted to get the balance right so that 1) I addressed the issue, 2) I didn’t go overkill and have the other person tell me later they were joking and 3) have an all out argument on a group WhatsApp. No one wants to be told off by a colleague and I didn’t like that they felt they could embarrass/shame me in that way. If there was an issue, a private message would have been way more appropriate. I was really surprised and touched when the other F1s messaged me in private to support me. They were probably more ruffled than I was. It warmed me up a bit that other people took the time to try make me feel better.
  2. Even though I’m mid placement, I’ve already had my end of placement feedback for my ARCP. (Don’t ask why, the powers that be have decreed that it needs to be done two months before the actual end of the placement). My supervisor put the nicest things down, which took me aback a bit. It’s unusual to get really positive feedback in this game, it really is. You sort of just plod along and do the job. Maybe it’s because everyone expects you to be hardworking, that’s how we all got here. But as a newbie all you want to know, at least all I want to know, is that I’m doing OK. So imagine my heartache when it gets to the point we submit the form and the system decides to malfunction, deleting every nice thing that had been written. Luckily, my supervisor rewrote it all. I really needed to hear something positive, because my last placement had knocked my confidence, read here and here.
  3. My current placement has another F1 who is awesome. What’s annoying is that we don’t get to work together often because of our on call schedules. We’ve probably overlapped by four days so far. BUT, it looks like we’ll probably be working together more in June/July. We get on really well and we have a laugh, which makes the job much more bearable.

Just some of the good things that have taken me aback recently. I’m trying to remind myself of the good things and not allow myself to be weighed so heavily by the bad. Reading through comments is another thing that I look forward to. Even when I’m ranting, it’s really interesting to see your opinions and your take on a situation, so a big thank you for anyone who has left me a comment.

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