February Already

It’s February already. How did that happen? We celebrated New Year’s Day 5 minutes ago and now we’re 1/12th of the way to the next one. Time is going by quickly and it’s making me wonder whether or not I’m making the most of it.

All throughout medical school I struggled with time management. If there was an hour between one session and another, I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself and I’d end up doing a whole load of nothing.

And now I’m facing the same issue. I have a lot of free time, especially around the middle of the day, yet I still seem to be falling into bad habits. I could use the opportunity for self-study but I don’t. I take long lunches with the other F1s and just generally coast until half 4.

What do I end up achieving, nothing. I could do so much more. I could be focusing on actually getting a case report done, or on this blog. There’s no point me sitting around all day, only to try to squeeze in some writing before bed time.

So, it all comes down to discipline and motivation. I want to do more than what I’m doing right now. By putting this out there, I’m hoping I’m making myself more accountable. I think some of us need that extra motivation. We’re starting to get comfortable because that buzz of the new year has died down. Imagine though, how much more we could achieve if we kept it up the whole year round.

Here’s to February.

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