Getting A Medical Opinion

I had a really sick patient over the weekend. Everything I gave him seemed to have a temporary effect. The surgical registrar reviewed him, then asked me to get a medical opinion.

The way the bleeping system works is you press a single number, the bleep you’re trying to reach and the number of the extension you’re calling from. (The handheld phone didn’t have the sticker which tells you what the extension number is, but I knew the number off by heart anyway). I bleeped the med reg (medical registrar). No answer. I bleeped the assisting med reg. No answer. I waited. They’re probably really busy. I should just be a little patient. So I waited a little more. I might have bleeped a couple more times. Then I bleeped the critical care team because I was really worried about the patient. No answer. (In hindsight, I can see why this should have been a clue)

A little later I finally got the med reg to see my patient.

I left the med reg to it and tried to get on with the growing list of jobs. It was fast becoming a sea of green, amber and red requests. I was on a different surgical ward when I picked up the phone. I can’t remember who I was going to call or bleep but I flipped the phone over to check the extension number and I froze. Like actually stopped in my tracks and didn’t move. These were the four same numbers I’d dialled in earlier when I was trying to get the med reg. I cover these wards so often I’d mixed up extension numbers in my head. So every time I’d bleeped, they had probably been ringing this phone on this ward, whilst I waited on a different phone on a different ward.

What a stupid, embarrassing mistake to make. Obviously, I didn’t own up to it. This particular med reg wasn’t the kind you would have even a slightly humorous conversation with. I imagine he would first stare me down  until I disintegrated, then later make me the butt of every joke, till the end of time.

*embarrassed face emoji*

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