How Donald Trump Becoming President Has Motivated Me

If anyone had told me, in 2015, that Donald Trump would be the next American president, I wouldn’t have believed them. Before the whirlwind of the general election, I knew little about Donald Trump. I knew he was a celebrity and that he had a reality show called The Apprentice. In my mind, he was like an American Alan Sugar (who’s on the UK version). I’d never seen him in any interviews or even paid any attention to anything he did, so I never really formed an opinion about him.

All of this changed when he put himself forward as a candidate; then he was all over the news. But again I wasn’t paying much attention. 2016 was a mix of studying for finals, planning an 8 week trip abroad, preparing for F1 amongst other things. My mum would be my filter and fill me in on the latest shocking Trump related incident.

I was amused. This guy couldn’t be president surely? Amusement turned to shock.

I still cannot even fathom how he’s done it. How do you get from no political experience to president of the United States of America?

My mind is still trying to understand it, but it made me think: how many things do I think are out of the realms of possibility?  How many ideas have I pushed aside because I’m unable to envision their reality? It’s made me more motivated to take risks and try things out but to also be conscious on how I go about it. I want to experience amazing opportunities  but through the right means. I want to be able to be proud of the journey as well as the outcome.


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