6 Months Left

6 months left

Literally 6 months left.

It’s pretty sad that I’m counting down but it’s just how I’m feeling. And at a time when morale is already low, the Bawa Garba situation probably isn’t going to improve confidence. Rachel Clarke writes a piece well worth reading here. This case really is a watershed moment and the effect it’s had on the workforce is palpable.

The widespread sense of shock amongst the medical community truly reiterates how much this case isn’t a one-off occurrence but a reality throughout the NHS. It reflects our daily struggles. We’ve all been in similar situations trying to do the best with little resources. We work shifts time and time again that are understaffed. It’s the norm. But it’s the dawning realisation that not only is our best not good enough, we also run the risk of being punished for matters that are outside of our control.

Maybe as a workforce we are just too agreeable. Our concern for our patients comes first so we do what we can with the little we have. Maybe we need to kick up more of a fuss every time we’re expected to work understaffed shifts. It’s gotten to a stage where we’re expected to just get on with it.

At a time where I’m reconsidering my path in medicine, this just seems to be another heavy nail in the coffin. I just keep thinking about the risks we take as doctors just by turning up to work. I never want to make a mistake, but that’s an impossible standard to try to reach. So far the question I’ve been asking is whether the value I get from being a doctor is worth the physical and emotional toll. But to add to that, I now have to consider the overwhelming reality that I could also be held responsible for the failings of a struggling system.

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