I’m Glad January Is Over

I’m glad January is over, seemed to last forever.

I know the new year always brings this huge gusto of inspiration and motivation, which I’d admit I was feeling for the first few days. Then I fell sick and all motivation took a dive from there. Whilst I was already feeling rough, it felt like an appropriate time to dwell on personal issues, family issues, media stories, rubbish weather and just be generally miserable. It was no wonder I was feeling even less inspired to do anything.

But whilst I was riding this downward wave, I decided that I might need help to get my ‘mojo’ back, so I wandered into Waterstones and had a look at the self-help section. It’s funny how I wouldn’t even have glanced at a self-help book when I was younger, but I guess those were simpler times. (Take me back…)

The books I bought: F**k It: Do What You Love, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck, Rich Dad Poor Dad



There’s no theme, these were entirely random purchases. I am not having a quarter life crisis.

I tend to read several books at a time, so whilst I’m halfway through F**k It: Do What You Love, I’m also reading Nocturnal Animals. I’d watched the film during a plane ride back to the UK and I enjoyed the dark and creepy storyline matched with the beautiful cinematography so I thought I’d do what I never do: read the book after watching the film. Unconventional.

So, the year might not have gotten off to a great start, but I’m looking forward to turning it around.  Hope January has been good for all of you.

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